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Managing Your Business Risk In 2019

The recently released Allianz Risk Barometer report identified ‘Changes in Legislation and Regulation’ to be the top risk for Australian businesses in 2019.  According to the report, this year companies are most concerned about increasing legislation and more onerous compliance process. The statistics released in the report were as follows: Respondents rated ‘Changes in Legislation […]

Royal Commission Highlights Need for Quality Financial Advice

The Royal Commission into misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry uncovered disgraceful behaviour from some of the biggest names in these industries. The findings of the Commission created fallout from scorned clients, and sparked conversations across the industries about moving forward.  The MetLife Adviser-Client Relationship Report (2018) looked into how the Commission […]

Are Your Social Media Channels a Professional Indemnity Risk?

According to the Sensis Social Media Marketing Report (2018), 79% of Australians are on social media, with 47% of small businesses, 49% of medium businesses, and 60% of large businesses having a social media presence. Social media is becoming an increasingly common way for businesses to promote their products and services to clients and potential […]

Are Your Employees Protected from Natural Disasters?

If your business is not prepared when disaster strikes, your company, reputation, and employees can all suffer. It is the job of business owners to look forward and identify the best ways to grow and accelerate.  Your business will not grow without a dedicated and reliable team of staff behind you, so it is vital […]

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Insurance Broker

Insurance is one of the most important investments you can make for your business. When purchasing a policy it is important that you are getting adequate protection, otherwise you are potentially putting your business at risk. The best way to make sure you getting the right cover is to ask your insurance broker the right […]

How to Protect Your Business From Unfair Contracts

There are laws in place in Australia to protect small businesses from unfair contract terms. The result of these laws are that small businesses are better protected, and there are now genuine consequences for any business that seeks to use unfair terms to gain the upper hand. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has […]

Does Your Small Business Need Public Liability Insurance?

There are several types of insurance on the market that can help protect your business, one of the most essential is Public Liability Insurance. Public Liability Insurance protects your business financially from any claims that arise in relation to damage or injuries sustained by third parties and/ or their property during the course of your […]

Would Your Business Survive the Loss of a Key Person?

Would your business survive if a ‘key person’ such as an owner, founder, or essential employee passed away? This is a very difficult, but extremely important question to ask. Businesses are faced with a range of challenges when they lose an integral member of the team who they depend on.  Losing a key person can […]

Insurance Fraud Costs Australians $2.2Billion Annually

According to the Insurance Fraud Bureau Australia 2018, insurance fraud is estimated to cost the economy up to $2.2 billion every year.  Fraudulent insurance claims ultimately cost everybody who takes out insurance, directly impacting premiums for honest policyholders. While some instances of insurance fraud are deliberate, in many cases insurance fraud is committed without the […]

4 Year Old SMEs Most At Risk of Failure

Newly released data from Equifax has stated that SMEs in their 4th year of operation are at highest risk of business failure. Equifax is an information solutions company and provider of credit information and analysis in Australia and New Zealand.  The company’s analysis of External Administration events in Australia in 2017 revealed that this is […]