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Risks Of Hiring Contractors – Are Your Contractors Properly Insured?

Have you made sure your contractors and sub-contractors are properly insured? Hiring a contractor can be a convenient option for small business owners. One of the primary reasons being that they provide their own insurance. However, the quality of their insurance could be a major factor if the unexpected does happen. For example, if your […]

How to Prevent a Claim through Proper Inspection and Maintenance

General wear and tear on a property is inevitable.  For business owners, it’s particularly important to maintain and care for property in order to keep the long-term costs of owning these assets down. Why Property Maintenance Is so Important A minimum investment in the maintenance and care of your business assets can help avoid larger […]

Partnership Protection Insurance: Is Your Business Covered?

Most business owners won’t operate without some sort of insurance in place.  However all too often, business owners purchase the most common policies, without considering the less discussed risks.  There are insurance policies today to cover most things, some will be more relevant to your business than others.  The key to ensuring you are adequately […]

Protecting your Business’ IP

Innovation is the key to growing a successful business, as it enables companies to adapt and grow in an ever-changing marketplace.  It is vital for today’s SMEs to innovate in order to stay relevant.  It’s even more important that they do it safe in the knowledge that their idea is protected. According to IP Australia […]

Why Your Business Should Consider Contingency Insurance

There are several types of Contingency Insurance available to cover a range of unpredictable circumstances that may affect your planned business activities.  These are: Cancellation & Abandonment Pluvius Prize Indemnity The following describes a bit more about the types of Contingency Insurance that may be necessary for your business. Cancelation and Abandonment Event organisers, promoters […]

Business Interruption Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide

Most business owners understand the importance of business insurance when it comes to repairing damage or replacing equipment.  However, natural disasters and vandalism can not only harm your business, but can make it almost impossible to get back to normal operations – often for an extended period of time. The owners, shareholders, and other financiers […]

Australian Businesses Suffering in the Wake of Cyclone Debbie

Hitting Australia’s Eastern Coast at the end of March, Cyclone Debbie ripped roofs from houses, destroyed power lines, knocked trees onto major roads and flooded houses, gardens and roads across Queensland and New South Wales.  While emergency workers were quick to respond, the cyclone caused severe damage, and was declared a “catastrophe” on the 28th […]

Safety Tips for Businesses this Bush Fire Season

Extreme weather events dominated Australia last year, with 2016 recorded as the fourth-warmest year on record, and it’s showing no signs of cooling down in the start of 2017. With this warm dry weather comes another threatening bush fire season. It’s important that any business based close to dense forest, bush, grassland or the coast […]

Why Cyber Insurance Is Vital for Protecting Your Business in 2017

Specialised cyber risk management firm Stroz Friedberg has announced the top cyber threats facing businesses in 2017. Their most recent report “2017 Cybersecurity Predictions,” claims cyber espionage, data integrity attacks, and attacks on Internet of Things (IoT) devices, will be prevalent in 2017. They warn business owners that cyber attacks are likely to intensify in […]