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Minimise bad business debts: Here’s how

Bad money management – regardless of whether you’re at fault – can leave you wondering where it all went so wrong. Taking precautionary measures ahead of time is the best way to avoid debt becoming an issue down the line. 1. Credit checks Before getting a new client, credit checks are a relatively simple and […]

How to overcome the risks of ransomware in 2021

In early 2021, a ransomware attack disabled the IT system of the Northern Territory’s government. It was down for three weeks. Many business owners looked on, seeing the obvious sophistication of such an attack and wondering what this could mean for them. There is always a level of risk from fraudsters, but there are steps […]

The shift to working from home: What you need to know

The number of employees working from home – and expecting to have flexible work options in the future – has been accelerated by the pandemic. For many, being forced to adjust to working from home has been a challenge. But it has also given them a new perspective on what remote work – even for […]

Does your business have sufficient cover for flood?

When La Nina hit in March, thousands of New South Wales and southeast Queensland residents were forced to evacuate their homes and businesses. While heavy rain was anticipated, the true impact of the flooding that followed had an all too real impact on local communities in Eastern Australia.  Recovery efforts are underway, but for many […]

Keep your business’ income protected as government support ends

While things are looking up, the fall-out from the COVID-19 pandemic is still being felt by businesses across Australia. For many, the lockdowns and restrictions have had a lasting effect, even months down the line. The good news is that economic recovery has been better than first thought, according to the Reserve Bank of Australia. […]

More businesses turning to brokers in troubling times

An unsettling year has left many businesses concerned about what the future holds. After seeing firsthand how difficult economic conditions can leave a lasting impact on firms, an increasing number of SME owners are looking to insurance brokers. This year, Vero’s SME Insurance Index marked its 10th anniversary. The new report revealed that 40% of […]

Insurance broker or go it alone, what’s best for your SME?

As a small to medium-sized business, you may be tossing up whether you need an insurance broker to help keep your company protected. Large companies are often expected to be more inclined to seek out assistance from an insurance broker, while SMEs take care of their cover needs themselves. Recently though, Deloitte Access Economics prepared […]

Does your business need interruption insurance post-pandemic?

Shutting down indefinitely is a financial nightmare for business owners. Last year, in a bid to control the spread of coronavirus, governments introduced trading restrictions. This severely impacted many business owners, which in turn ignited a lengthy legal battle over business interruption insurance. This court battle is ongoing and is expected to remain unsettled for […]

Virus challenges carry into the New Year

During the recent summer holidays, many people across Australia enjoyed living under lightened restrictions after a tumultuous year. That said, this time brought more than just good news – the challenges of COVID-19 are not over just yet. At a time when much of the country have travel plans, the New Year proved to be […]