social media and employees

Anti-Social Media and your employees

Employers are to expect the very best from their employees but what if employees don’t act on good faith, trust and fidelity and don’t have the best interests of their employer at heart? The number of unfair dismissal claims has increased due to employers not having appropriate policies in place to set the boundaries for employees when it comes to appropriate use of social media.

Examples range from employee rants on social media, approaching public forums to voice unfavourable information and even speaking out to journalists about their work.

Technology and access to many media forms, especially social media sites, is easily available. Employers need to protect their business against negative publicity. This can be achieved by;

  • Having clear employee contracts;
  • Media policies which prohibit employees from making public comments, or leaking information to the media;
  • Social media policies in place which clarify disciplinary action for sharing harmful information or identifying employer or company name;
  • Internal channels available for employees to voice complaints

These procedures protect employers from being ridiculed in the media and help avoid unfair dismissal claims.

When it comes to social media let’s remember that employees have a right to ‘social justice’ but is it not appropriate for an employee to engage in conduct that damages the reputation of an employer. All employees must have a fair and acceptable social presence online and in the office.

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